Social justice culture and toxic femininity

We cannot deny that there are major problems in the world today, but the past year has marginalized some very real problems of environmental degradation, climate change, ever widening income inequality and political radicalization for comparatively trivial (even imagined?) problems of a “deadly pandemic”, white patriarchy, and of pervasive and overwhelming racism. Not to sayContinue reading “Social justice culture and toxic femininity”

Meditations on 2020 by my father

And our first community contribution to this blog comes from no other but my dear dad, Darko. If you’ve met him you know he is a smart, educated, cosmopolitan gentleman of calm, diplomatic and pragmatic disposition. Great guy with lots of smart things to say. So, without further ado, Darko’s drops of wisdom: There isContinue reading “Meditations on 2020 by my father”