Operation Barbarossa Of Our Time

Operation Barbarossa was a code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of Soviet Russia in World War 2. For all but most anglophile historians, it marked the turning point of the war. From September 1939 to fall of 1941, Nazis reigned supreme, easily crushing any who dared oppose them. And then they attacked the vastness andContinue reading “Operation Barbarossa Of Our Time”

What would my grandfather say?

My grandfather was in his late teens when WW2 started. His earlier years were spent in abject poverty, often being hungry and cold, living in a despotic society of 1930’s. And then with the start of the war his country turned fascist and started prosecuting, imprisoning, and exterminating minorities. He quickly joined communist resistance, beingContinue reading “What would my grandfather say?”

Courage vs Social Conformity

Strongest human urge, aside from nourishment and safety, is to belong to a group or community. Human is a herd animal terrified of being alone. Even in maximum security jails where one’s cellmates are violent rapists, being in solitary confinement is considered the worst punishment. We feel safer in a group and our life hasContinue reading “Courage vs Social Conformity”