Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity

I am a lover of martial arts. My main training buddy is my very good friend Nesha. He brings out the most testosterone-driven, masculine version of me because he is also an old-fashioned man’s man. Not that that side of me needs too much nudging to come out. Now masculinity has been much maligned lately,Continue reading “Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity”

Embarking on a mid-life adventure

A friend of mine is taking a job in western Europe and moving his young family there. He is in his mid forties, and has an established career, a comfortable life, and lots of friends here in Toronto. The job he is taking is not particularly good for his career (nor is it bad), andContinue reading “Embarking on a mid-life adventure”

When tragedy hits close to home

I got some really bad news the other day. One of my oldest and dearest friends has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is a wife, daughter, sister, and a mother of 2 minors. She is a wonderful, innocent, uncorrupted soul who cares deeply for her family and friends and I can confidently sayContinue reading “When tragedy hits close to home”