Dark Christmas of 2020

Lots of people are frustrated, angry and scared of the new round of lockdowns, and understandably so. They are forced, punitive and illogical, a definition of futility. People are suffering and will suffer. We are angry with politicians, bureaucrats, people that are supporting them, or people that simply don’t care. Be careful what you doContinue reading “Dark Christmas of 2020”

Courage: An immigrant perspective

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to an older immigrant lady about the current situation in the world. She was born in Europe in the early 60s and grew up in the most prosperous time in history, possibly ever. Her youth was the blessed youth of 70s and 80s. That abruptly changed in 1991 whenContinue reading “Courage: An immigrant perspective”

How to build your courage by Cindy Solomon

I stumbled across this gem. Cindy is a leadership consultant specializing in building courage in organizations. Funny, profound and most of all practical, this video gives you 3 steps on how to develop your courage muscle and inspires you to do it Some highlights: Only 30% of people think of themselves as courageous Courage isContinue reading “How to build your courage by Cindy Solomon”

Courage and Truth

To search for truth is an act of incredible courage. We often, both consciously and unconsciously, hide behind convenient lies. We tell ourselves that we are good people, smart, honourable, helpful and altruistic. We tell ourselves that our social circle is made up of great people and that it is the best social circle toContinue reading “Courage and Truth”

Gratitude and Courage

Gratitude and courage and intimately intertwined. Without appreciating something one will not fight to preserve it. Practice of gratitude is not linked to a particular belief system. For those that are spiritually inclined, gratitude may be felt towards a higher entity, whereas those of a materialistic, empirical persuasion may feel gratitude towards an incredibly favourableContinue reading “Gratitude and Courage”

Fear and the historical perspective

Little perspective goes a long way when it comes to fear and courage. I have had the honour of listening to war time memoirs of the 12-year-old boy caught up in Nazi occupation of south east Europe. Practically an orphan, this boy volunteered to join resistance guerilla and fight to defend his town, what familyContinue reading “Fear and the historical perspective”