Magic of Humility: Part 1 – Music

I play a little guitar. I had some talent as a kid but I never stayed with it although I’ve always liked music. And then about 3 years ago I picked it up again. I guess I needed a new passion to grow with and my boy was of the age, so we started together.Continue reading “Magic of Humility: Part 1 – Music”

Embarking on a mid-life adventure

A friend of mine is taking a job in western Europe and moving his young family there. He is in his mid forties, and has an established career, a comfortable life, and lots of friends here in Toronto. The job he is taking is not particularly good for his career (nor is it bad), andContinue reading “Embarking on a mid-life adventure”

When tragedy hits close to home

I got some really bad news the other day. One of my oldest and dearest friends has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is a wife, daughter, sister, and a mother of 2 minors. She is a wonderful, innocent, uncorrupted soul who cares deeply for her family and friends and I can confidently sayContinue reading “When tragedy hits close to home”

Comfort as enemy of courage

Comfort zone in its current form is a relatively new phenomenon. We live in a time of unprecedented comfort with unlimited food, heating, entertainment, peace. Just a lifetime ago very few people had a comfort zone with their life being dominated by hard toil, lack of everything and frequent war or social unrest. And nowContinue reading “Comfort as enemy of courage”

Greetings from Mont Tremblant

Greetings from the beautiful Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. I’m here with my family skiing the “new normal”. Other than couple of minor inconveniences it is pretty much the same as it ever was. Lots of still normal people enjoying the great outdoors, being in the moment, without being freaked out by the virus orContinue reading “Greetings from Mont Tremblant”

Writing contest results

Thanks to all the kids who participated in the writing contest on the topic of “What is courage?”. We have had an awesome turnout. After much deliberation by our panel of judges, there is a 4-way tie for the first place. While all submissions were awesome in their own way, these 4 were found toContinue reading “Writing contest results”

Courage vs Social Conformity

Strongest human urge, aside from nourishment and safety, is to belong to a group or community. Human is a herd animal terrified of being alone. Even in maximum security jails where one’s cellmates are violent rapists, being in solitary confinement is considered the worst punishment. We feel safer in a group and our life hasContinue reading “Courage vs Social Conformity”

Courage: A Martial Arts story

I could probably write a long post on martial arts, and I will, some other day, but today I will just share this little gem I found. This woman became a martial arts “fanatic” as a little blond girl, trained and fought at professional level, and has been teaching it for many years. This videoContinue reading “Courage: A Martial Arts story”

Courage: A kid’s perspective

I’ve heard many stories about kids being terrified these days, of virus, of other people, of Trump, of Biden etc. Even if all these fears were rational, there is no way children should even know about them, let alone be terrified. To help kids rediscover their courage I am launching a writing competition for elementaryContinue reading “Courage: A kid’s perspective”