• About a boy
    My son turned 13 the other day. I was wondering what to write, after all father-son relationships are notoriously complicated. So many emotions, often conflicting, as the boy becomes a man at the same time that man becomes middle aged. I decided that a song is a more appropriate medium for expressing this emotional maelstromContinue reading “About a boy”
  • On Family Life
    15 years ago I married I girl whom I met 24 years ago. We met young, hit it off, and other than couple of short breaks, we’ve been together since. I have many people in my life, friends, family, colleagues, many of which I like a lot, even love, but this girl, now woman, isContinue reading “On Family Life”
  • Goodbye mom
    I said goodbye to my recently departed mother today. It was an emotional day to say the least. If I was writing this with pen and paper, there would be tear smudges everywhere. This way I am just running the risk of being electrocuted. I jest because that’s how I deal with sadness. I hopeContinue reading “Goodbye mom”
  • Father
    There comes a time in a man’s life where feeling and showing emotion is unavoidable. For an aging chap such as me, becoming fast aware about precariousness of existence and value of close personal relationships, time to feel and say what has been supressed for so long is now. I didn’t have a very closeContinue reading “Father”
  • Introducing Phalanx MMA
    I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a lover of martial arts. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years actively and have made some of my best friends through it. Well, more brothers than friends because that is what martial arts does. It brings people together, and through shared hard physical workContinue reading “Introducing Phalanx MMA”
  • Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity
    I am a lover of martial arts. My main training buddy is my very good friend Nesha. He brings out the most testosterone-driven, masculine version of me because he is also an old-fashioned man’s man. Not that that side of me needs too much nudging to come out. Now masculinity has been much maligned lately,Continue reading “Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity”
  • R.I.P. Sherpa
    Today a great man died. Out of the blue. Heart attack. He was in his late sixties, healthy and strong. Former professional athlete. Well former…a lot of things. Basketball player, serial entrepreneur, phys-ed teacher, playboy, musician, benefactor, humanist, joker, teacher, father, husband, neighbour, friend. Charming person that was larger than life. Loving and loved byContinue reading “R.I.P. Sherpa”
  • Meditations on the Great Unknown
    I was around 10 when I encountered death for the first time in the passing of my maternal grandfather. He was a popular guy in his time with a large family and many friends and colleagues, so his funeral was a grand affair. It was the biggest gathering of people that I have been toContinue reading “Meditations on the Great Unknown”
  • Rallying cry for masculinity
    Like most of you I’ve been thinking long and hard why the world is where it is. I am not even closely informed enough to make any guesses about agendas of certain interest groups or their plans. I think those have been around for as long as there’s been power structures and they’ve never comeContinue reading “Rallying cry for masculinity”
  • Social justice culture and toxic femininity
    We cannot deny that there are major problems in the world today, but the past year has marginalized some very real problems of environmental degradation, climate change, ever widening income inequality and political radicalization for comparatively trivial (even imagined?) problems of a “deadly pandemic”, white patriarchy, and of pervasive and overwhelming racism. Not to sayContinue reading “Social justice culture and toxic femininity”
  • Magic of Humility: Part 1 – Music
    I play a little guitar. I had some talent as a kid but I never stayed with it although I’ve always liked music. And then about 3 years ago I picked it up again. I guess I needed a new passion to grow with and my boy was of the age, so we started together.Continue reading “Magic of Humility: Part 1 – Music”
  • Embarking on a mid-life adventure
    A friend of mine is taking a job in western Europe and moving his young family there. He is in his mid forties, and has an established career, a comfortable life, and lots of friends here in Toronto. The job he is taking is not particularly good for his career (nor is it bad), andContinue reading “Embarking on a mid-life adventure”
  • When tragedy hits close to home
    I got some really bad news the other day. One of my oldest and dearest friends has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is a wife, daughter, sister, and a mother of 2 minors. She is a wonderful, innocent, uncorrupted soul who cares deeply for her family and friends and I can confidently sayContinue reading “When tragedy hits close to home”
  • Comfort as enemy of courage
    Comfort zone in its current form is a relatively new phenomenon. We live in a time of unprecedented comfort with unlimited food, heating, entertainment, peace. Just a lifetime ago very few people had a comfort zone with their life being dominated by hard toil, lack of everything and frequent war or social unrest. And nowContinue reading “Comfort as enemy of courage”
  • Greetings from Mont Tremblant
    Greetings from the beautiful Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. I’m here with my family skiing the “new normal”. Other than couple of minor inconveniences it is pretty much the same as it ever was. Lots of still normal people enjoying the great outdoors, being in the moment, without being freaked out by the virus orContinue reading “Greetings from Mont Tremblant”
  • Writing contest results
    Thanks to all the kids who participated in the writing contest on the topic of “What is courage?”. We have had an awesome turnout. After much deliberation by our panel of judges, there is a 4-way tie for the first place. While all submissions were awesome in their own way, these 4 were found toContinue reading “Writing contest results”
  • 2020 Year-end post
    As 2020 ends let us take stock of where we are and what is coming. Be forewarned what follows below is brutal realism and not a fluff piece about 2021 being better. However, read on, and there will be a ray of hope at the end. Like I mentioned in my previous posts, courage isContinue reading “2020 Year-end post”
  • Courage vs Social Conformity
    Strongest human urge, aside from nourishment and safety, is to belong to a group or community. Human is a herd animal terrified of being alone. Even in maximum security jails where one’s cellmates are violent rapists, being in solitary confinement is considered the worst punishment. We feel safer in a group and our life hasContinue reading “Courage vs Social Conformity”
  • Courage: A Martial Arts story
    I could probably write a long post on martial arts, and I will, some other day, but today I will just share this little gem I found. This woman became a martial arts “fanatic” as a little blond girl, trained and fought at professional level, and has been teaching it for many years. This videoContinue reading “Courage: A Martial Arts story”
  • Courage: A kid’s perspective
    I’ve heard many stories about kids being terrified these days, of virus, of other people, of Trump, of Biden etc. Even if all these fears were rational, there is no way children should even know about them, let alone be terrified. To help kids rediscover their courage I am launching a writing competition for elementaryContinue reading “Courage: A kid’s perspective”

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Hi, I’m McDee. Husband, father, son, friend, consultant, martial artist, golfer, guitar player, but most of all a concerned citizen. I started this blog because I feel the world is soaked in fear in year 2020 and there is a need for a monument to courage to balance it out. This is a collaborative blog where others can post so this is in no way just my creation but a work of many.

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