• Operation Barbarossa Of Our Time
    Operation Barbarossa was a code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of Soviet Russia in World War 2. For all but most anglophile historians, it marked the turning point of the war. From September 1939 to fall of 1941, Nazis reigned supreme, easily crushing any who dared oppose them. And then they attacked the vastness andContinue reading “Operation Barbarossa Of Our Time”
  • Gomorrah of Social Media
    I’ve been social media free for about a month. I was inspired by my friend who, after being very active for years, one day just quit. I was also nudged into it by the last social media fight I’ve had with my cousin that left me furious, raging and ultimately drained. It was the bestContinue reading “Gomorrah of Social Media”
  • Impressions from the May 15 Worldwide Freedom Rally
    Today was a worldwide freedom rally day, a coordinated day of protests against the senseless medical tyranny that has engulfed the globe about a year ago. Canada has been lagging in resistance to this medical fascism, especially in its biggest city. Toronto has been steeped in neo-liberal woke hypocrisy for so long that it hasContinue reading “Impressions from the May 15 Worldwide Freedom Rally”
  • Father
    There comes a time in a man’s life where feeling and showing emotion is unavoidable. For an aging chap such as me, becoming fast aware about precariousness of existence and value of close personal relationships, time to feel and say what has been supressed for so long is now. I didn’t have a very closeContinue reading “Father”
  • Stand My Ground
    This poem is dedicated to all the woke posers, digital social justice warriors, virus zealots, cancel culture mobsters, holier-than-thou hypocrites, fanatical maskers and vaxxers, and anyone else who routinely accosts and lectures others on shit they know little about while pretending to be morally superior. Your arguments are as empty as your souls. This isContinue reading “Stand My Ground”
  • Introducing Phalanx MMA
    I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a lover of martial arts. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years actively and have made some of my best friends through it. Well, more brothers than friends because that is what martial arts does. It brings people together, and through shared hard physical workContinue reading “Introducing Phalanx MMA”
  • Hope in 2021
    On the eve of the 3rd state of emergency and second stay-at-home order in Ontario it is easy to feel sad, despondent, betrayed, disappointed, angry, furious, depressed, scared or any of the other unpleasant emotions that I cannot even name. We are living through a time that more and more resembles dark, gloomy Earth ofContinue reading “Hope in 2021”
  • Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity
    I am a lover of martial arts. My main training buddy is my very good friend Nesha. He brings out the most testosterone-driven, masculine version of me because he is also an old-fashioned man’s man. Not that that side of me needs too much nudging to come out. Now masculinity has been much maligned lately,Continue reading “Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity”
  • Hypocrisy – 2021 edition
    There were couple of thousand people at the pro-freedom rally today. There were probably just as many reasons for being there. The common theme though was support of, up until recently, undeniable rights to make one’s own life decisions about where to go, who to see, how to raise one’s children and how to takeContinue reading “Hypocrisy – 2021 edition”
  • Manifesto of Resistance
    People have called me a Don Quixote for being vocal about my opposition to the overpowering narrative of the so-called “pandemic”. Following text is intended for those who see something wrong with what is happening, whether they believe it to be the biggest mistake of the modern history, best executed grand conspiracy or anything inContinue reading “Manifesto of Resistance”
  • To Bill or not to Bill
    Has there been a more polarizing figure in modern history than ol’ Billy Gates? Pandemic culture war personified. Guy who speaks softly while wearing a sweater around his neck and wields an unprecedented power in world affairs. There’s a camp of people that idolize him as the best man that has ever lived and anotherContinue reading “To Bill or not to Bill”
  • Those Motherf*$#ing Bracelets
    Here’s another gem from my pops. This one made me laugh only because the focus is those silly bracelets, and my dad’s deep analysis of the issue, which seems so trivial yet is so telling of the current political and social climate. Without further ado… One news attracted my attention a few days ago: “PremierContinue reading “Those Motherf*$#ing Bracelets”
  • R.I.P. Sherpa
    Today a great man died. Out of the blue. Heart attack. He was in his late sixties, healthy and strong. Former professional athlete. Well former…a lot of things. Basketball player, serial entrepreneur, phys-ed teacher, playboy, musician, benefactor, humanist, joker, teacher, father, husband, neighbour, friend. Charming person that was larger than life. Loving and loved byContinue reading “R.I.P. Sherpa”
  • Meditations on the Great Unknown
    I was around 10 when I encountered death for the first time in the passing of my maternal grandfather. He was a popular guy in his time with a large family and many friends and colleagues, so his funeral was a grand affair. It was the biggest gathering of people that I have been toContinue reading “Meditations on the Great Unknown”
  • Rallying cry for masculinity
    Like most of you I’ve been thinking long and hard why the world is where it is. I am not even closely informed enough to make any guesses about agendas of certain interest groups or their plans. I think those have been around for as long as there’s been power structures and they’ve never comeContinue reading “Rallying cry for masculinity”
  • Message to all proponents of societal lockdowns
    Despicable Ford, Tory, Williams, Deville, Tam, Trudeau, most members of the media, public health and other bureaucrats, and ALL the imbeciles that support mandated lockdowns of society, this is an open letter of loathing and utter contempt we feel for you for destroying our children’s lives and country. You are first and foremost cowards. CowardsContinue reading “Message to all proponents of societal lockdowns”
  • What would my grandfather say?
    My grandfather was in his late teens when WW2 started. His earlier years were spent in abject poverty, often being hungry and cold, living in a despotic society of 1930’s. And then with the start of the war his country turned fascist and started prosecuting, imprisoning, and exterminating minorities. He quickly joined communist resistance, beingContinue reading “What would my grandfather say?”
  • Social justice culture and toxic femininity
    We cannot deny that there are major problems in the world today, but the past year has marginalized some very real problems of environmental degradation, climate change, ever widening income inequality and political radicalization for comparatively trivial (even imagined?) problems of a “deadly pandemic”, white patriarchy, and of pervasive and overwhelming racism. Not to sayContinue reading “Social justice culture and toxic femininity”
  • Meditations on 2020 by my father
    And our first community contribution to this blog comes from no other but my dear dad, Darko. If you’ve met him you know he is a smart, educated, cosmopolitan gentleman of calm, diplomatic and pragmatic disposition. Great guy with lots of smart things to say. So, without further ado, Darko’s drops of wisdom: There isContinue reading “Meditations on 2020 by my father”
  • Magic of Humility: Part 1 – Music
    I play a little guitar. I had some talent as a kid but I never stayed with it although I’ve always liked music. And then about 3 years ago I picked it up again. I guess I needed a new passion to grow with and my boy was of the age, so we started together.Continue reading “Magic of Humility: Part 1 – Music”

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Hi, I’m McDee. Husband, father, son, friend, consultant, martial artist, golfer, guitar player, but most of all a concerned citizen. I started this blog because I feel the world is soaked in fear in year 2020 and there is a need for a monument to courage to balance it out. This is a collaborative blog where others can post so this is in no way just my creation but a work of many.

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