About a boy

My son turned 13 the other day. I was wondering what to write, after all father-son relationships are notoriously complicated. So many emotions, often conflicting, as the boy becomes a man at the same time that man becomes middle aged. I decided that a song is a more appropriate medium for expressing this emotional maelstromContinue reading “About a boy”

Introducing Phalanx MMA

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a lover of martial arts. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years actively and have made some of my best friends through it. Well, more brothers than friends because that is what martial arts does. It brings people together, and through shared hard physical workContinue reading “Introducing Phalanx MMA”

Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity

I am a lover of martial arts. My main training buddy is my very good friend Nesha. He brings out the most testosterone-driven, masculine version of me because he is also an old-fashioned man’s man. Not that that side of me needs too much nudging to come out. Now masculinity has been much maligned lately,Continue reading “Funny side of the not-so-toxic masculinity”

R.I.P. Sherpa

Today a great man died. Out of the blue. Heart attack. He was in his late sixties, healthy and strong. Former professional athlete. Well former…a lot of things. Basketball player, serial entrepreneur, phys-ed teacher, playboy, musician, benefactor, humanist, joker, teacher, father, husband, neighbour, friend. Charming person that was larger than life. Loving and loved byContinue reading “R.I.P. Sherpa”

Meditations on the Great Unknown

I was around 10 when I encountered death for the first time in the passing of my maternal grandfather. He was a popular guy in his time with a large family and many friends and colleagues, so his funeral was a grand affair. It was the biggest gathering of people that I have been toContinue reading “Meditations on the Great Unknown”

Rallying cry for masculinity

Like most of you I’ve been thinking long and hard why the world is where it is. I am not even closely informed enough to make any guesses about agendas of certain interest groups or their plans. I think those have been around for as long as there’s been power structures and they’ve never comeContinue reading “Rallying cry for masculinity”

Social justice culture and toxic femininity

We cannot deny that there are major problems in the world today, but the past year has marginalized some very real problems of environmental degradation, climate change, ever widening income inequality and political radicalization for comparatively trivial (even imagined?) problems of a “deadly pandemic”, white patriarchy, and of pervasive and overwhelming racism. Not to sayContinue reading “Social justice culture and toxic femininity”