On Family Life

15 years ago I married I girl whom I met 24 years ago. We met young, hit it off, and other than couple of short breaks, we’ve been together since. I have many people in my life, friends, family, colleagues, many of which I like a lot, even love, but this girl, now woman, is my closest friend. Always has been.

We have 2 children who require a lot of our time, energy and money. We love them, they’re precious, but, truth be told, they constantly get in the way of the two of us having a good time. So, our relationship is now mostly characterized as partners in getting things done for our family to prosper. Food sourcing, preparation and cleaning alone takes up hours a day. Add to that cleaning, organizing play dates, first aid, homework help, booking activities, driving them to said activities, putting them to sleep, dressing them…the list goes on. And let’s not forget paying the oh-so-many bills and making money to do so. You get the picture.

This is not me complaining. I have more blessings than I can count. It is rather a realistic portrayal of our everyday life, our family life. And it helps illustrate where our relationship is today. This is not to say that we are only partners in raising kids. We are still friends, even occasional lovers, but the intimacy of our relationship has taken a back seat to the realities of raising a family. And that is fine.

Our main coping mechanism and one of the things that has followed our relationship throughout the years has been humour. Our first month of knowing each other was largely spent telling each other jokes (before we started getting freaky that is). That set the stage for the rest of out life up to this point. There are very few topics in our household that are out of bounds when it comes to humour. We’re constantly roasting our kids, even each other, and that is so commonplace that our children are starting to roast us.

It is then perhaps not surprising that when my wife asked me to write her a song, inspiration came dressed in humour. I wrote it from her point of view, but it really is our song. It is our life in a song.

Without further ado, this is how this middle aged guy tells his wife: “I Love You”

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