Operation Barbarossa Of Our Time

Operation Barbarossa was a code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of Soviet Russia in World War 2. For all but most anglophile historians, it marked the turning point of the war. From September 1939 to fall of 1941, Nazis reigned supreme, easily crushing any who dared oppose them. And then they attacked the vastness and cold of Russia, gradually grinding to a halt at the outskirts of Moscow. From that point on, story of World War 2 is one of Germany’s slow retreat and ultimately defeat on all fronts, culminating in Nuremberg trials and establishment of post war World Order which endured for nearly 50 years.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, the war of our time, the war of pandemic narrative has been going on for 2 years. Naturally, the two are not the same. World War 2 was marked by hunger, genocide, physical war, actual deadly diseases, conflicting murderous ideologies, and overall death on a much larger scale. This war is not a war in a traditional sense, instead it is an insidious, psychological one. Its antagonists are hidden, obscure, made to look abstract. Their weapons are fear and panic, unprecedented information control, outright lies and propaganda, financial stranglehold on our institutions and political systems, division and hatred, disenfranchisement of dissenters. Their goals are unknown, can only be guessed, but manifest as economic devastation, unweaving of social fabric, political upheavals and slow but steady march towards new version of authoritarianism and slavery.

So much is unknown but that this is a war is obvious. One need only look at year over year worldwide mortality figures from all sources to conclude that this is no deadliest pandemic in over 100 years. Our societies, democratic traditions, and way of life are being completely uprooted over something that has a statistically insignificant effect on total mortality.

And for 2 years population of the world has largely taken it with the resistance amounting to small, localized skirmishes (to borrow from war terminology). We bought into the narrative of well meaning, omnipotent government, public health, billionaire philanthropists and Big Pharma saving us from a deadly plague and keeping us safe. We were willing to give everything to them if they kept us safe.

And then they came after the kids. At the time that it is becoming obvious that their miracle cure is failing in effectiveness everywhere, that it is causing severe cardiovascular problems in too many young and healthy people, that their policies are ushering in a severe economic recession with debt crisis, inflation, and unemployment, they are trying to tell us that we must place absolute trust in them and give our youngest their experimental gene therapy. At the same time more and more influential people are going public with their misgivings and even alarms, more politicians are willing to depart from the safety of the herd, doctors and scientists and speaking up, and the first responders are walking away from their jobs everywhere. Food and energy prices are rising, shortages of computers, cars and other items are becoming a norm, all of which lays bare the incompetence and corruption of those entrusted with economic management.  Even to the apathetic, lazy, uneducated, naïve masses of the 21st century this is too much.

Narrative is becoming more ludicrous by the day and those spewing it are rapidly losing credibility with ever increasing number of people. Financial ties between governments, corporations, billionaires, and public institutions are becoming obvious at the same time as their incompetence and corruption.

We are then, using historical parallels, in December of 1941. Wehrmacht has been stopped at the gates of Moscow and starting its long retreat into ultimate defeat. Technology-Industrial complex has been stopped at injecting 5-11-year-olds and will now inevitably start to retreat. Just like the war raged for another 2.5 years after Moscow, with some of the worst atrocities committed during that time, our war is not yet done. Fascists of our times will continue fighting and ruining our lives for who knows how long. But at least the tide has finally turned and for the first time in 2 years hope shines again.

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