Impressions from the May 15 Worldwide Freedom Rally

Today was a worldwide freedom rally day, a coordinated day of protests against the senseless medical tyranny that has engulfed the globe about a year ago. Canada has been lagging in resistance to this medical fascism, especially in its biggest city. Toronto has been steeped in neo-liberal woke hypocrisy for so long that it has become a parody of an already ridiculous socio-political movement. As such, of all the places in Canada, it has probably most wholeheartedly embraced the safetyism, scientism and empty posturing which are the foundation of the current lockdown policies.

As a long-time resident of Toronto, I have been, much like many of my friends and family, utterly ashamed of and disappointed and frustrated with my moral-posturing, empty-headed neighbours. To rub salt into the wound, resistance in any form has been minimal. In the last 6 months of attending anti-lockdown protests, I have been continually disappointed with the minimal turnout and the hostility of people surrounding the protests. We would be called names, shown middle fingers, honked at, and most of all vilified in both mainstream and social media. Given that our cause was so obviously just, it made me, and others, feel like the world has gone completely mad and that there was just a handful of us hanging on to last shreds of sanity.

Fast forward a year to today and things have changed quite a bit. Attendance for the first time was in tens of thousands, instead of hundreds. People of alternative lifestyles, which constituted majority of protesters few months ago, were now lost in the sea of families, seniors, and respected citizenry, walking peacefully but determinedly for the freedom of their children and grandchildren. Canadians of all ages, races, creeds, socio economic classes, and political persuasions came together in a cohesive political force to challenge the incompetence and corruption of our politicians, media, and courts of law. There were speeches by retired police officers, nurses, doctors and civic leaders; there was music, dance, witty signs and an overarching feeling of hope, that not all is lost, that we are not alone, that we may win yet.

Instead of hostile onlookers we were mostly cheered and honked at in support. Police were there in large presence, but the size of the protest rendered them ineffective. There were so many more of us than of them. And most were friendly to the protests anyways. They are people too, that have families and children. For the most part they are a lot more real and realistic than the woke masses that have never had a chance to grow by overcoming adversity. So, a lot of these policemen would gladly join us in protests that aim to preserve what is left of our once-great society, but dare not for fear of losing their jobs and means to support their families. And that is one of the main reasons resistance has been slow to grow in our part of the world. Because of the fake audacity of the woke masses who mob up to cancel anyone not fast enough to reply to their condescending, arrogant comments, many were and still are scared of repercussions of protesting and resisting.

But the tide is turning, people are becoming desperate and are starting to weigh the considerations of job security versus their children’s wellbeing. And that is why the protest is growing and that is why it will continue to grow. Even the apathy and laziness of so many will not hold up to the impetus provided by our crumbling society. And as more of us join in and raise our voices, those cowardly lockdown zealots who so “bravely” flip us off from their 20th floor balconies will hide in their holes and lament the coming of the barbarian hordes. Well fuck them and their selfish ways, let them hide and make room for real humans to deal with the mess they so wholeheartedly contributed to.

Our fight is now only starting in earnest. As our voices grow, powers that be will feel more and more threatened and will increase their repressive ways and will paint us in all colours of shit. But now we know we are not alone. Now we know that we are a legion and that our fight is just and that we can win. And once we do win, we will rebuild our world so that our children may yet have a future. Today was a good day. Today I was proud to call myself Canadian.

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