Introducing Phalanx MMA

I have mentioned in previous posts that I am a lover of martial arts. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years actively and have made some of my best friends through it. Well, more brothers than friends because that is what martial arts does. It brings people together, and through shared hard physical work and discomfort, but also co-creation and creativity, it develops bonds of brotherhood. Kind of like the army I guess, but with less violence and more art. It is a microcosm of life because it contains elements of defeat, success, redemption, effort, achievement, hardship, and triumph. Much like meditation it acts as immunization for life. But even more so it makes us into best versions of ourselves by insisting on honor, chivalry, moderation, and humility. Of all the things I have pursued in life, my passion for it has been most rewarding.

Has there even been a greater need for the practice of martial arts? In today’s world where cowardice and blind obedience are considered highest of virtues, MMA acts as a counterbalance. How can you be afraid of an invisible, even imagined, enemy when an adversary is staring you in a face trying to impose their will on you and inflict real, physical pain. Perspective is corrected through this, dispelling illusions of unseen danger from invisible microorganisms. We practice resistance to discomfort and pain, we strengthen our spirit through hardening our body, so that our fear response is not out of whack, chronically in overdrive. Instead, we are calm, in control of our bodies and with better grasp of our emotions.

But there is another aspect of a martial arts club that is even more relevant today. And that is the group of friends, brothers and training partners who stand together against an ever-encroaching wide world. A group rooted in common practices and hardships that stands against an increasingly repressive state, tyrannical government, and crazed hordes of panicked public. Our society is crumbling, falling apart, and the social norms that allowed the world to become soft in its illusion of safety and prosperity, are fast disappearing. Hard times are coming and only in tightly knit groups can be survive, prosper, and get to the other side of the shit storm that is coming. That is why I am launching this initiative called Phalanx MMA to gather those who think like me, like the physical nature of the sport, and are looking for bonds of brotherhood built on common passion and hard physical exertion.

Why Phalanx? They were army units of ancient Greece that Alexander the Great led to conquer the known world and spread the Hellenic culture and civilization. Their main advantage over their adversaries was in their discipline of standing shoulder to shoulder, spear to spear, shield to shield. Fighting as a single organism through this formation they were able to defeat much larger armies, as in the story of 300 Spartans who held back the Persian empire at Thermopylae. I find this name perfect for the current times because the enemies are huge in size and scope and only by standing closely together will we stand a chance.

I don’t have everything worked out yet. What I do have is a nucleus of my MMA brothers to start, some experience teaching, and a vision of making this into a formidable social, athletic, and political organization. I want to gather grown adults but kids as well so we can start training together and building a network. My goal is not to make money of this but may have to charge something for administrative costs and to bring in more senior instructors. Also, you will need to buy some gear and make a commitment of time to come to practices, which will take place in parks around Bloor West village. If you are interested contact me directly.

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