Hypocrisy – 2021 edition

There were couple of thousand people at the pro-freedom rally today. There were probably just as many reasons for being there. The common theme though was support of, up until recently, undeniable rights to make one’s own life decisions about where to go, who to see, how to raise one’s children and how to take care of own body. Lots of kids, lots of families, lots of civil, cultured people. Fewer alternative lifestyles that predominated early rallies. A positive, peaceful vibe overall, although ultimately ineffective because of small size of turnout. I personally, and probably many others, were there to fight for our children’s right to have a normal childhood and beyond.

On the way back home there were probably 100 000 people in cars on Gardiner Expressway. It was jammed pack, reminiscent of gridlocks pre-pandemic. Where were these people going though? Pre-pandemic everything was working at full capacity, you could congregate with as many people as you wanted. Now the things that are open are operating at 25% capacity, many things are still closed, and all gatherings over 10 are outlawed. It is Saturday so it cannot be work related. Inescapable conclusion is that wherever these people are going they will be doing so contrary to the spirit, if not the letter, of the lockdown measures.

Fast forward couple of hours and I find myself in a parking lot, waiting for my son to finish a secret, clandestine boys basketball practice, which is definitely against both the spirit and the letter of lockdown measures. Now as I am a vehement “anti-lockdowner” so I don’t see anything wrong with this.  I am doing it entirely for the physical and mental wellbeing of my dependent child. Anyhow, another dad comes around and we start talking. Middle class, successful, family guy with an interesting life story; so, we hit it off. Given the context that we are both waiting for our sons to finish a basically illegal basketball practice I mention that I went to an anti-lockdown rally downtown. “Oh, you are one of the anti-lockdowners?” he says with a tinge of disgust in his voice. Now, we were hanging out having a good time so I am sure he didn’t say it consciously. It just escaped him. I have to admit, it stung a bit, but quickly it passed as his hypocrisy struck me as so obvious. Here was a man in clear violation of the Reopening Act judgmentally and condescendingly dismissing me as an “anti-lockdowner”. Now his programming is that an “anti-lockdowner” is a vile subhuman who cannot comprehend basic science, is incapable of ethical thought or empathy and who should be feared and hated. This was so paradoxical and ironic that it blew my mind.

Synthesizing the events of the day I realized a few things:

  1. For the majority of population lockdown is a positive thing. Everyone that works from home now has just saved themselves couple of hours of transit time every day which they can now use for leisure. They are saving tons of money on gas, having fewer cars, moving farther to the suburbs, not travelling etc. They now have more money and more time. Even people not working from home spend way less time in gridlocks. Most businesses that do not require physical interaction are doing never better on account of changing demand and sheer amount of money being pumped into the economy (my parking lot buddy has a phone based mental health therapy business). Everywhere we go there are less people, especially the poor, to share anything with. ‘Rona is awesome!
  2. People are so selfish that they care more about themselves than about their kids, their neighbours, or their elderly. Lockdowns hurt the kids immensely through lost school days, constant masking and paranoia, closure of extra-curricular activities etc. Elderly are isolated from their family and left to die alone in covid wards or elder homes. And of course, all those neighbours who derive their livelihoods from physical businesses are made to close. “But who cares when I have more time and more money to do what I want to do; My ass is comfy; I can feel that; I really can’t feel the anguish of my kids, parents or neighbours because that is their experience, not mine; Since my experience is positive than the whole situation must be positive; Lockdowns are awesome!”. This is how their subconscious reasoning may go. Spoiled privilege of the modern man laid to bare.       
  3. People exist at minimal states of self-consciousness. There is an old saying “it is easier to see a splinter in another man’s eye than a log in your own” – wisdom of the ages. Like my parking lot buddy who cannot see that he is an anti-lockdowner is spirit if not in name. Or all the people who are throwing all kind of bile at the protesters while being on their marry ways to meet with groups of people and break all kinds of rules. Or the neighbourhood group of Karens who are hanging out maskless and without distancing while their kids are on the play structures masked. People are fucking clueless.

Unofficial Covidism enforcers are calling us selfish, clueless, evil, misguided, sub-human. Same people that are completely OK to continue to send their children to the rapidly crumbling public education system to be brainwashed with politics and paranoia of the pandemic. People that are OK to lock up their elderly behind glass walls to wait for death craving human contact. People that are proponents of laws to imprison anyone spreading “misinformation” that threatens their newly found comfort. Narrative has given these people illusion of righteousness and power that they use to shame those that are suffering. That has to be a new low for humanity and one of the greatest ironies in its history. Stuff that great playwrights of tragicomedies in Ancient Greece would be jealous of.  

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