Manifesto of Resistance

People have called me a Don Quixote for being vocal about my opposition to the overpowering narrative of the so-called “pandemic”. Following text is intended for those who see something wrong with what is happening, whether they believe it to be the biggest mistake of the modern history, best executed grand conspiracy or anything in between. If you do not see a discrepancy between the narrative ruling our lives and the statistics such as mortality relative to other causes, year over year total mortality, unprecedented censorship, politicization of science etc. you should not read on. For the rest of you, what follows is my manifesto.

First reason I resist is because it is my responsibility as a parent. The insanity of the last year has not hit me particularly hard nor any of my close adult friends or family. This is mainly because we know how to stand up for ourselves and get around senseless “rules” adopted by the society. Most of us have painlessly transitioned to working from home, not travelling, and wearing masks indoors in solidarity to those who must wear them day in and day out for work. We still hang out, we still socialize, we still follow our old or new passions. But children do not have this ability. They are forced to wear masks and distance in their socially formative years; to shame each other for not following arbitrary rules to the letter; to be brainwashed daily about dangers of the virus that is harmless to them and vaccines unnecessary to them; to be indoctrinated constantly about politics of this “pandemic” like nothing else is worth learning; to be kept from realizing their academic, social, artistic and athletic potential due to closures of all in-person extracurricular activities; to miss school; to be taught by random supply teachers or panicked, psychotic primary teachers; to be yelled at and singled out for daring to take off their mask to take a breath of fresh air; to be forced to rub hand sanitizers continuously until they develop eczema or get open wounds on their skin. List goes on. Our children have no voice, they are carrying the whole weight of this insanity. This is the biggest shame for us as their parents – we have adjusted while leaving them to fend for themselves. Shame and frustration keep me up at night because I can’t help or shelter them. This is why it is our foremost duty to resist and fight this insanity.

Second reason is to be a role model for the younger generation. There are plenty of young people that are confused, shocked, lost, frustrated and angry at what is happening. Everywhere they look their elders are either cowering in fear, shaming them for wanting to live out their youth, while the propaganda machinery keeps telling them that they must sacrifice for the common good. They would love to resist, protest and fight for their lives but they are under the impression that they are alone against everyone. Well, we need to show them they are not. That there are adults that support them, that think rationally and courageously, that do not demand of them to sacrifice their one and only youth so that octogenarians can live a bit longer or so that someone powerful can fulfill their agenda. They have grown up sheltered in the modern age, so their youthful revolt is latent, sleeping. But it is there, and they just need to be shown that it is OK to show it, to fight for the world they will inherit. Once that youthful energy joins this resistance, powers that be will capitulate.

Third and final reason I resist is because this is my society, my country, and my world. My grandparents, my parents and my generation has built it – it is the way it is because of us. We are the law abiding, tax paying, children raising foundations of this society. We pay more than our share of taxes, we carry most of the societal burdens on our shoulders, we are raising the future generations that will inherit the society and carry it on their shoulders when we are old. This world belongs to us, not to public health officials, not to despicable politicians, not to the garden variety dictators, not to big pharma, not to Ford, Tory, DeVilla, Trudeau, Biden, Bill Gates and the rest of delusional fucks who think world is theirs. I resist because the world is mine just as much as it is theirs, if not more. Just as I mind my own business and don’t insert myself in their affairs, I am not going to allow them to insert themselves in mine and the affairs of my children. They got nothing on me and mine and I will not shut up until they go away.

This is why I bark and howl and why I will continue to do so. My fight is just and born out of concern for the present and the future of my children. If you have the dignity and honour that I believe you have you will stand with me.

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