To Bill or not to Bill

Has there been a more polarizing figure in modern history than ol’ Billy Gates? Pandemic culture war personified. Guy who speaks softly while wearing a sweater around his neck and wields an unprecedented power in world affairs. There’s a camp of people that idolize him as the best man that has ever lived and another camp that absolutely loathes him as the antichrist incarnate. And as things usually go, it is these more extreme views that are most heard in the public discourse. This is my attempt to verbalize a more moderate position.

Let’s first look at Billy the man. Quiet geek born to wealth and strong family name, he was the right person, with the right connections, at the right time in history to attach his name to the personal computer revolution. If it wasn’t for Bill would we still have computers, internet and all the technology we have today? Undoubtedly. He didn’t really invent much but he did do an excellent job cornering the market at the right time. Of course, there are allegations that he did take a brainchild of another person to make Windows. There are also antitrust proceedings forever etched in the annals of history. As often goes with these things, where there is smoke there is fire. But does that make him an antichrist? Definitely not, most of us would have probably done the same if we only had an opportunity. Unsavoury business practices exist as long as business itself.  

Is he a paedophile?  Certainly, many powerful men throughout history have been. Many of his contemporaries are and he did hang out with some unsavoury characters like Epstein. Still there is little evidence that Gates himself is one. Is he a kinky motherfu#@er? Probably, who isn’t? We all have weird sexual fantasies that we are not particularly proud of, and geeks like him more than most, but until someone proves that he hurt someone, he is in this respect no different than most of us.

Is he the world’s greatest philanthropist? He certainly “gives” a lot of his money “away”. Common argument of his fan base is that he could be enjoying all this money, instead he is giving some much of it to charity. Well, he does enjoy his money immensely and he has been for a long time. That man does not live an ascetic life by a long shot, he has every luxury and comfort known to man. Just like Maslow described so long ago in his hierarchy of needs, after lower-level needs of food, shelter, safety, and belonging are satisfied the only need left to a person is self-actualization – being unique. And that is why we all do what we do, because we are trying to be better than the average man, whether by donating, volunteering, helping others, trying to be better than yesterday. The only difference is that Gates has so many financial resources to do it with so that it is known far and wide. And very rarely is his money given without strings. After all, he is on the board of every single charity or NGO that he is supporting. After all, the guy is bored, he is not working anymore, being the geek he probably doesn’t have a lot of friends, and he is probably not learning a new skill like ancient canoe carving. And nobody really cares much about him because he is just not that interesting. So, he effectively buys his membership to groups of people that are very relevant and just happen to wield a lot of power. And because he pays their bills, they treat him like the coolest kid in school. So far nothing nefarious. Many do similar things, just don’t have much money to do it with. But at the same time, we shouldn’t kid ourselves for a second that he is more selfless and altruistic than the average man whose basic needs are met.

Is he a mastermind visionary that wants to be the most powerful person in the world for some evil purpose? He doesn’t strike me as such. I don’t even think the guy has bad intentions. We all try to do better, to be a better person, very few of us have bad intentions to start with. But just like the old saying goes, road to hell is paved with good intentions. We humans are corrupted to the core by our faults of greed, insecurity, fear, sloth etc. That is why everything our hand creates, no matter how good in theory, ends up being far from perfect. Same with our intentions, we may think that we are doing good, but we have no wisdom to see the ultimate consequences of our actions and that is why we err constantly. Well, the same is true of Billy. He may be a bit smarter than most of us, but he is not an order of magnitude higher being that is immune to all things human. He is not Sapiens 2.0. The only difference between him and you or me, is that our footprint and our ability to realize our intentions is insignificant, but very significant for him because of his wealth and political connections. So, when he says that we need to reduce population I believe he is saying that for the good of humanity. At the same time because he is in position of power, and if one thing is certain it is that power corrupts, he is likely suffering from the god complex, believing that he alone can save humanity from certain ruin, and that any means are justified to that end. It is not so far fetched. I have delusions of grandeur when I write this blog, even though at most 20 people will read it and I will make very little difference, if any. Imagine the delusions he suffers from.

So Billy is a man like us. A bit more intelligent maybe and a lot more fortuitous certainly. But a man, nonetheless. Definitely not homo sapiens 2.0. He is guilty of all the things we are guilty or wish to be guilty of, albeit on a larger scale. He is certainly not an antichrist but also certainly not the best man that has ever lived. He is just a man and we should neither judge him nor idolize him for it.

That is not to say that there is nothing wrong with the role he plays in today’s society. On the contrary there is plenty wrong. And while that is maybe not the fault of Billy the man, it is certainly the very undesirable property of the system that made him and of which he is the champion.

He is the main financier of nongovernmental agencies and globalist health organizations in the world. There are few things wrong with this. First and foremost is that these organizations wield enormous power over sovereign governments. Our entire political system, culminating in national governments, is based on fair representation of interests of all political franchisees and separation of powers. System is far from perfect, but it is the best we got and has been reasonably stable in the last 75 years. All the checks and balances that hold the system in balance exist on the national level while very few exist at the supranational level. All these Gates financed organization exist at this supranational level and because they have to do with health are given much more leeway to operate and influence national policies. At the same time, they don’t report to anyone, not to national governments, not to voters, only to their source of funding, namely Gates, who is somehow supposed to have oversight powers over subject matters and complexities that he never trained for or practiced. Now if these centers of power were made up of completely altruistic wise elder statesman who were immune to corruption of power it would not be a problem. But they are populated with CEOs of big pharmaceutical companies, largest, wealthiest companies in the history of the world. Same people whose livelihoods depend on maximizing their shareholder value. That is their only role and if they don’t do it well, then they don’t have a job nor the 8-figure paycheck that comes with it. If that is not a clear conflict of interest what is? It’s the reason why the term conflict of interest was coined in the first place. At the same time corporations in capitalist system have been shown to exhibit behaviours of sociopaths (most famously popularized by movie “Corporation”) so it follows that their top servants must also exhibit these properties. There are plenty of cases where behaviour of pharmaceutical companies has been condemned in the court of law because of manipulation of scientific studies, plain out lying, intimidation etc. Yet now, in the midst of unprecedented societal upheaval caused by the “pandemic” and its clear benefit to the same pharmaceutical companies, all mention of prior transgressions is censored and suppressed. Even if you believe in the sanctity of the pandemic and purity of purpose of Gates, SAGE, WHO, all the countless other NGOs, you must admit that there is just too much conflict of interest in the system to make it unquestionably credible. And that manifests in unprecedented vaccine hesitancy especially among younger, more educated population including medical staff. If Gates was truly as altruistic as his fan base believes he would step down from the spotlight in order to lessen the controversy for the sake of humanity. Of course, to a geeky kid who has finally found a crew where he is the main guy in the room, walking away is not an option.  

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