Those Motherf*$#ing Bracelets

Here’s another gem from my pops. This one made me laugh only because the focus is those silly bracelets, and my dad’s deep analysis of the issue, which seems so trivial yet is so telling of the current political and social climate. Without further ado…

One news attracted my attention a few days ago: “Premier Ford defends his government decision to invest 2.5 million in bracelets…. “

The bracelet will warn you if you are too close to a fellow human being and transmit that somewhere, and it is not going to be based on GPS.

Several questions are coming to my mind:

  1. The development of the bracelet will cost us 2.5 M. Why is that government expenditure. What about private business, if it is valuable product? Are they counting to sell it to other governments; therefore, making it a crown corporation.
  2. Let’s suppose they will make it satisfactory and it will cost only $100/ piece. For 15,000,000 or so, Ontarians, the total cost is 1.5 billion. So, either it will be government who will pay it, or they plan to impose it on us, or to give us a tax brake to buy it. Either solution doesn’t seem feasible. I am not going to give a penny, with or without tax break, to wear that cowbell. If the government is buying it for us, who is paying for maintenance/replacement of it. I am not. And, since it is not based on GPS, it is based probably on mobile networks. So, someone has to invest in increased traffic over the mobile networks. Are we going to pay Bell and Rogers directly for more expensive services, or through the increased taxes, if the government steps in.
  3. To buy the cowbell for all of us, and to spend that kind of money, I guess, they have to have support of all major political parties. It is hard to believe it could happen. If not for a reason of sanity and common sense, it is hard to believe that other major parties will support Conservatives, even if it was something good. Unless we are already a kleptocracy.
  4. About selling to other governments: if they plan to sell it to China and Saudi Arabia, those governments have cheaper and more efficient ways. If they plan to sell it to Britain and EU, they have a serious problem with delusional thinking. So poor Serbia and other kleptocracies will probably buy those cowbells, in exchange for some promises to the masses, and hard cash to sides signing the contract.
  5. I believe Ford is intelligent enough to see this matter the same way. So, I believe the money is given to some of his buddies, or even those kids who were supposed to be our trade representatives in US and EU. The bracelets were never meant to be produced.

I believe you all watched movie: The Producers, scenario by Mel Brooks, with Uma Thurman. This situation awfully reminds me of that scenario. If you didn’t see that movie, I recommend you to do so.

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