R.I.P. Sherpa

Today a great man died. Out of the blue. Heart attack. He was in his late sixties, healthy and strong. Former professional athlete. Well former…a lot of things. Basketball player, serial entrepreneur, phys-ed teacher, playboy, musician, benefactor, humanist, joker, teacher, father, husband, neighbour, friend. Charming person that was larger than life. Loving and loved by many.

He died while skiing in Canadian Rockies. Right on the slope, quickly. Doing something he absolutely loved to do. Surrounded by his wife, adult children and friends. On a beautiful sunny day in 20 feet of snow.  His death was epic, just like his life.

Humanity lost a champion and we lost a friend. Let’s celebrate his life as much as we mourn his death. If there is an afterlife, his soul will find the way. Safe travels Sherpa.

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