Rallying cry for masculinity

Like most of you I’ve been thinking long and hard why the world is where it is. I am not even closely informed enough to make any guesses about agendas of certain interest groups or their plans. I think those have been around for as long as there’s been power structures and they’ve never come this far this fast. What is different this time around is the technology employed to brain washing (i.e. propaganda) and just as critical, human culture. I will focus on that cultural aspect over the next few posts because I believe there is something we can do about it.  

First thing that characterizes our society is a disbalance between masculinity and femininity. Masculinity has been reviled over the last decade or longer as being the cause of all of society’s ills. Traditionally masculine traits of rationality, goal orientation, independence, assertiveness, courage have been actively supressed at work, at school, in literature and the popular media. Feminine traits of collaboration, compassion, intuition, interdependence, relationship orientation have been celebrated as the highest virtues and accepted by men and women, institutions, and media. There is nothing inherently wrong with feminine or masculine traits – when they are in balance. Just like a family structure, society functions best when 2 sets of traits complement each other. When they are out of balance you get things like World War, on one hand, and vastly disproportional societal reaction to a virus, on the other. By suppressing masculinity and inflating femininity our culture has tipped too much to one side giving rise to safetyism, lived experiences as basis of all truth and cancel culture. (See previous post for more on this)  When you look at the calls for indefinite school closures, public shaming of dissenting views, and stories of medical staff heroically fighting the most dangerous illness ever as a valid reason for policy making, you can see the new culture in action. Negative effects on our society are obvious.

Well, doesn’t it then follow that we should bring back the balance of feminine and masculine? Maybe we start celebrating our men, our fathers, husbands, sons for being, well, manly. I am not talking about regressing to historical patriarchal views but simply celebrating masculinity just as we celebrate femininity, acknowledging its positive and necessary sides. And we as men need to stop being feminists (reference to our PM) and start acting more like traditional men – independent thinkers, solution seekers, assertive and courageous in our interpersonal contacts, rational in our thinking. That means searching for the truth on your own rather than relying on someone else’s, looking for practical solutions on improving your family’s situation, and above all STANDING YOUR GROUND!

We are expected to remain quiet and apologetic when accosted on the street by a Karen or a Richard over some perceived moral failing. Well, I say, FUCK THAT! How can we change anything if we remain quiet and submissive? Find your voice, stand firm and assertive, do not choose your words too carefully. Stand tall and proud and speak freely, not just for yourself but for those, like your kids, who have no voice. So, my fellow men, let us be more like grandpa and less like grandma. If enough of us do this and show younger ones by example, it may just bring balance back to our culture and society, for the benefit of our sons and our daughters equally.

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