Message to all proponents of societal lockdowns

Despicable Ford, Tory, Williams, Deville, Tam, Trudeau, most members of the media, public health and other bureaucrats, and ALL the imbeciles that support mandated lockdowns of society, this is an open letter of loathing and utter contempt we feel for you for destroying our children’s lives and country.

You are first and foremost cowards. Cowards for not daring to challenge public opinion; cowards for not daring to make your own conclusions about the danger of the virus; cowards for not daring to entertain that your cherished institutions are corrupt, inefficient, and ineffective; cowards for renouncing all personal responsibility and instead blindly following directives of so called “experts”; cowards for imposing on your children hardships that any sane person realizes are a lot worse than some virus.

“What hardships?” you may ask with your limited, cowardly brain. How about loss of education opportunities? Just a year ago you were all gung-ho against online learning and now you are advocating for it to continue indefinitely. How about loss of social contact which is so crucial for healthy development of personality? Is it because you are such antisocial, friendless losers that you want to impose the same on your kids? What about loss of physical activity and camaraderie from playing sports or arts? How about the fact that you are teaching them to fear human contact, to be afraid of other people – in other words to be sociopaths? How about the fact that they are all growing increasingly despondent and depressed and are turning to drugs and self harm? How about the fact that their society is being destroyed so that when they come of age their world will be bankrupt and ridden with unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, crime, violence? How about the fact that you are driving their parents into such frustration that they become victims of domestic violence? How about the fact that they will grow up to distrust you, the government, so called “experts”? How about the fact that to have anything worth living for they must break laws? What is that setting them up to be later in life?

You are everything that is wrong with the world today. You are cowardly, you have no pride or dignity, you are unsure of yourself to the degree that you do not trust yourself to read and understand basic statistical data. You cower in your homes without any regard on how much your “safety” costs anyone else. You put blind faith in things you do not understand and defer all decision making to only those “experts” that support your cowardly position. You are cheering censorship and propaganda as if they are virtues. You snitch on your neighbours and you cheer when police thugs ticket homeless people for breaking the imposed curfew. You are spineless, infantile, oblivious man-children, worst generation to walk this earth.

Some justice will catch up to you. Maybe not societal justice as our society is beyond corrupt, morally bankrupt, and rotten. But surely some kind of karmic or divine justice. We pray that your children and grandchildren will realize what you have done to them and renounce you and abandon you, so that you will grow old and die alone, unloved and miserable. If there is any justice in the universe that exactly will be your well-deserved fate and since you crave to be afraid, be afraid of that for the rest of your life. Also know that there are many like me who absolutely loathe you and would not help you if they saw you drowning. And that utter contempt by your fellow man is right there in your karmic ledger waiting to be collected. Enjoy your power trip while it lasts, it will soon come crashing down on you.

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