Social justice culture and toxic femininity

We cannot deny that there are major problems in the world today, but the past year has marginalized some very real problems of environmental degradation, climate change, ever widening income inequality and political radicalization for comparatively trivial (even imagined?) problems of a “deadly pandemic”, white patriarchy, and of pervasive and overwhelming racism. Not to say these latter are not problems but for them to replace the former, potentially civilization-ending problems ranges from idiocy to lunacy. Yet here we are a year into the “pandemic” and our world is upside down for lack of a good reason. But why? Geopolitical agendas and conspiracies are as old as geopolitics themselves and they have never before managed to make such an impact on the world to render it unrecognizable in such a short time. I am positive that I am only one of many millions worldwide who have wrecked their brains trying to understand what happened and why.

Today I stumbled on a very persuasive gem of an article that seems to explain so much in cultural terms. I am not a sociologist so will limit my commentary to this introduction and will leave you to read and evaluate the ideas yourself. Before you read it, couple of disclaimers. Author is a young woman, not a member of the “white patriarchy”. Secondly, I am not a male chauvinist, not even by a stretch. I am a husband to a wife, son to a mother, father to a daughter and a colleague to many women in my field of work. I am a wholehearted supporter of historic feminist movement for moral and practical reasons, but admittedly much less so of its modern incarnation. That being said, I feel completely confident in sharing this and if you find it offensive than you may be the problem this article so convincingly aims to describe. Enjoy and I hope you get some answers – I know I did.


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