Greetings from Mont Tremblant

Greetings from the beautiful Mt. Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. I’m here with my family skiing the “new normal”. Other than couple of minor inconveniences it is pretty much the same as it ever was. Lots of still normal people enjoying the great outdoors, being in the moment, without being freaked out by the virus or worried about the future. Especially glad to see young people out and about and not hiding in mom’s basement calling for more lockdowns, but instead enjoying their youth in a wholesome way. I guess the adage “Healthy body, healthy spirit” holds true. Young healthy people engaging in outdoor sports have no space in their souls for fear or worry. Life affirming courage comes spontaneously for them.

I was debating whether to make this trip in these crazy times. It is now more than ever easy to succumb to doubt, fear or apathy and erect barriers where none exist. I’ve made this trip so many times, it has become routine, but it really is the unknown that we, people, don’t like. Although there is nothing extreme about going skiing to Quebec like so many times before, there is now more unpredictability, which we by default resist. And they may still lock us down and close the resort before we are done here, but I don’t care. I am glad I brought my family out, we had an awesome day, and we remembered that there is still a wide and beautiful world outside of our temporary prisons. These mundane, tiny acts of overcoming our cautious, passive selves are the only pathway to getting to the sweet juice of life. All the best moment and accomplishments come from those moments where we consciously decide to take a leap despite the unknown or our inertia.

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