Courage: A kid’s perspective

I’ve heard many stories about kids being terrified these days, of virus, of other people, of Trump, of Biden etc. Even if all these fears were rational, there is no way children should even know about them, let alone be terrified. To help kids rediscover their courage I am launching a writing competition for elementary school children with the topic “What does it mean to be brave?”. Every elementary school aged child that submits a written composition of at least 250 words will receive $10 (or a $10 Amazon gift card for those who do not live in Toronto). Best composition will receive a grand prize of $100 and second best $50. I will then post their compositions on the Project Courage blog (without children’s last names). To submit your child’s composition use Project Courage contact form here . Submissions must be made by end of day Dec 27th. Good luck!



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Courage: A kid’s perspective

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