Dark Christmas of 2020

Lots of people are frustrated, angry and scared of the new round of lockdowns, and understandably so. They are forced, punitive and illogical, a definition of futility. People are suffering and will suffer. We are angry with politicians, bureaucrats, people that are supporting them, or people that simply don’t care.

Be careful what you do in this state; beware the consequences of your actions. Sometimes in our quest for justice we neglect, or hurt, those that are weaker than us, physically, mentally, emotionally. Our actions, even in service of a righteous cause, can cause more harm than good. We should all strive for the courage to be stoic now – to be a load bearing wall to those around us. Let us be mindful of those of us who are prone to depression or whose livelihoods are being severely compromised – they will need all the help they can get.

Hard times are here to stay for while. We cannot hide from them; we cannot escape them. But we can meet them head on with a raised chin and do what we can to make them less hard for us and those around us. Remember that courage is infectious – it spreads much faster than any virus. Let us be brave, let us be helpful, let us be strong. Night will pass and Sun will shine again!

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