How to build your courage by Cindy Solomon

I stumbled across this gem. Cindy is a leadership consultant specializing in building courage in organizations. Funny, profound and most of all practical, this video gives you 3 steps on how to develop your courage muscle and inspires you to do it

Some highlights:

  • Only 30% of people think of themselves as courageous
  • Courage is not this epic, life or death thing but everyday, simple acts
  • Courage is not absence of fear. “If you are not afraid, you are simply not paying attention”. It is rather an ability to overcome the paralyzing fear
  • We are not born with or without courage, rather it is like a muscle that can be exercised and developed
  • Courage is contagious; if you are courageous you inspire those around you to also be courageous
  • It comes down to a moment where we have a choice to act in courage, or not to act

I highly recommend watching this. I guarantee you will be inspired. 

“Life shrinks or expends in proportion to your courage”

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