Everyday Courage

We are not about denying fear. Fear exists and for a good reason. It is an evolutionary necessity and in every day it keeps us from, say jumping off a bridge, or going mountain biking without a helmet. Acute fear is useful for preserving us and flooding us with adrenaline in required situations and allowing us to perform better. It is by overcoming fear that we experience best life possible. To take a mundane example, we are often horrified at the prospect of approaching our romantic interest for fear of rejection, but only by overcoming that fear with courage do we have a chance for a meaningful relationship. Another example would be a kid learning to ride a bike. It is terrifying but if it wasn’t for courage they would never learn to ride it and would miss out on so many beautiful experiences. Admitting you are wrong and apologizing to someone is scary, it forces us to realize that we were far from the best version of ourselves and that we are not as amazing and infallible as we like to think. Yet by overcoming that fear we can reconnect with a dear person and enjoy their company. Examples are many and varied but the common theme emerges. Life is scary, everything we do from the moment we open our eyes can be kill us, maim us, make us sick. But if we give it to that fear and stay in bed, we have not lived that day, we have merely survived. Only love and courage can help us seize every day and live the best life we can.

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