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Celebration of love, bravery and human spirit


Project Courage is dedicated to celebration of life, love and bravery. Born out of a burning need to dispel fear so ubiquitous in year 2020, it is meant to be a collaborative project for sharing stories, from mundane and everyday to grand and epic, of life- affirming courage, sacrifice and love. Our goal is to explore, learn and adopt that noblest of human traits and through it become a positive influence on the world.

While fear is necessary to preserve life, it is courage, born out of love, that gives life meaning. Love for a child, parent, friend, neighbour, home, idea, all give us courage to seize each day, to protect and improve our world. We invite you to share this journey with us by posting your own stories, or stories you come across that have to do with triumph of courage.  So, post, comment, share, embed, promote and let us try to generate enough inspiration and good will to influence our world for the better!